Books by HGSE Faculty and Alumni

Harvard Education Press has published many books written by faculty and alumni of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Disciplinary Literacy Inquiry & Instruction, Second Edition

Jacy Ippolito, Christina L. Dobbs, Megin Charner-Laird, Jenee Uttaro, Jenelle Williams

System Wise

Adam Parrott-Sheffer, Carmen Williams, David Rease, Kathryn Parker Boudett

School Communities of Strength

Peter W. Cookson, David C. Berliner

Democracy and Reform in Public Schools

Saul Rubinstein, Charles Heckscher, John McCarthy

Social Justice Art Education, Second Edition

Marit Dewhurst, Amelia Kraehe, Joni Boyd Acuff

Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning

Marjorie E. Wechsler, Steven K. Wojcikiewicz

Education Lead(her)ship

Jennie Weiner, Monica C. Higgins, Charol Shakeshaft

Restorative Resistance in Higher Education

Richard J. Reddick, Colette Pierce Burnette

The Open System

Landon Mascareñaz, Doannie Tran

America’s Hidden Economic Engines

Robert B. Schwartz, Rachel Lipson, Harry J. Holzer, Nancy Hoffman

How a City Learned to Improve Its Schools

Anthony S. Bryk, Sharon Greenberg, Albert Bertani, Penny Sebring, Steven E. Tozer, Timothy Knowles

Instructional Moves for Powerful Teaching in Higher Education

Jeremy T. Murphy, Meira Levinson, Mary Deane Sorcinelli

Entry Planning for Equity-Focused Leaders

Jennifer Perry Cheatham, Rodney Thomas, Adam Parrott-Sheffer, Carl Cohn

Core Practices for Project-Based Learning

Pam Grossman, Zachary Herrmann, Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, Christopher G. Pupik Dean

Collaborative Action for Equity and Opportunity

Paul Reville, Lynne Sacks

The Chicana/o/x Dream

Gilberto Q. Conchas, Nancy Acevedo, H. Richard Milner

Adolescents at School, Third Edition

Michael Sadowski

Common-Sense Evidence

Nora Gordon, Carrie Conaway

Teaching Students About the World of Work

Nancy Hoffman, Michael Lawrence Collins, Garrett Moran

Teaching with a Social, Emotional, and Cultural Lens

Nancy Lourié Markowitz, Suzanne M. Bouffard

The Way We Do School

Milbrey W. McLaughlin, Kendra Fehrer, Jacob Leos-Urbel

Career Pathways in Action

Robert B. Schwartz, Amy Loyd, Robert B. Schwartz, Nancy Hoffman

Fulfilling the Promise

Mandy Savitz-Romer

Broader, Bolder, Better

Elaine Weiss, Paul Reville

Democratic Discord in Schools

Meira Levinson, Jacob Fay, Margot Stern Strom, Adam Strom

Opportunity for All

Jennifer A. O'Day, Marshall S. Smith

Applied Research for Sustainable Change

Sharon M. Ravitch, Nicole Mittenfelner Carl

The Alliance Way

Tina M. Owen-Moore

Unconscious Bias in Schools

Tracey A. Benson, Sarah E. Fiarman, Glenn E. Singleton

Personalized Learning in the Middle Grades

Penny A. Bishop, John M. Downes, Katy Farber

A Good Fit for All Kids

Kelly Chandler-Olcott

Preparing Teachers to Educate Whole Students

Fernando M. Reimers, Connie K. Chung

Bush-Obama School Reform

Frederick M. Hess, Michael Q. McShane

You Can't Be What You Can't See

Milbrey W. McLaughlin, Arne Duncan, Greg Darnieder

Inside PreK Classrooms

Judith A. Schickedanz, Catherine Marchant

Striving in Common

Jennifer Jellison Holme, Kara S. Finnigan

Teachers Bridging Difference

Marit Dewhurst, Dorinda J. Carter Andrews

Self-Regulation in Learning

Alison L. Bailey, Margaret Heritage, Linda Allal

Learning for Careers

Nancy Hoffman, Robert B. Schwartz, Anthony P. Carnevale

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Frederick M. Hess, Max Eden

Letters to a Young Education Reformer

Frederick M. Hess

The Internal Coherence Framework

Michelle L. Forman, Elizabeth Leisy Stosich, Candice Bocala, Richard F. Elmore

Learning Time

Marisa Saunders, Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, Jeannie Oakes

Creating Research-Practice Partnerships in Education

William R. Penuel, Daniel J. Gallagher, John Q. Easton

Improving Education Together

Geoff Marietta, Chad d'Entremont, Emily Murphy Kaur

How to Create the Conditions for Learning

Ann Jaquith

Investigating Disciplinary Literacy

Christina L. Dobbs, Jacy Ippolito, Megin Charner-Laird, Elizabeth A. City

Rethinking Readiness

Rafael Heller, Rebecca E. Wolfe, Adria Steinberg

Breakthrough Strategies

Kathleen A. Ross, Michelle Asha Cooper

Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century

Fernando M. Reimers, Connie K. Chung

Dancing in the Rain

Jerome T. Murphy, Christopher Germer

Dilemmas of Educational Ethics

Meira Levinson, Jacob Fay

The Leading Edge of Early Childhood Education

Nonie K. Lesaux, Stephanie M. Jones, Jacqueline Jones

Educational Entrepreneurship Today

Frederick M. Hess, Michael Q. McShane

Teacher Learning in the Digital Age

Chris Dede, Arthur Eisenkraft, Kim Frumin, Alex Hartley

When School Policies Backfire

Michael A. Gottfried, Gilberto Q. Conchas

Policy Patrons

Megan E. Tompkins-Stange, Robert B. Schwartz

Safe Is Not Enough

Michael Sadowski, Kevin Jennings

Charter Schools at the Crossroads

Chester E. Finn, Bruno V. Manno, Brandon L. Wright

Tell Me So I Can Hear You

Eleanor Drago-Severson, Jessica Blum-DeStefano

How Did You Get Here?

Thomas Hehir, Laura A. Schifter, Wendy S. Harbour, David Rose

Achieving Coherence in District Improvement

Susan Moore Johnson, Geoff Marietta, Monica C. Higgins, Karen L. Mapp, Allen S. Grossman

The New Education Philanthropy

Frederick M. Hess, Jeffrey R. Henig

The Cage-Busting Teacher

Frederick M. Hess

Belonging and Becoming

Barbara Cervone, Kathleen Cushman

Make Me!

Eric Toshalis

Student-Centered Learning

Bill Nave

Failing Our Brightest Kids

Chester E. Finn, Brandon L. Wright

Becoming a School Principal

Sarah E. Fiarman, Richard F. Elmore

Learning to Improve

Anthony S. Bryk, Louis M. Gomez, Alicia Grunow, Paul G. LeMahieu

Improving the Odds for America's Children

Kathleen McCartney, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Laurie B. Forcier, George Miller, Marian Wright Edelman

Restoring Opportunity

Greg J. Duncan, Richard J. Murnane

Teacher Quality 2.0

Frederick M. Hess, Michael Q. McShane

Meeting Wise

Kathryn Parker Boudett, Elizabeth A. City


Julie M. Wood, Nicole Ponsford, P. David Pearson

Equal Scrutiny

Patricia Burch, Annalee G. Good

Pathways to Teacher Leadership

Marya R. Levenson, Ann Lieberman

Inspiring Teaching

Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Eran Tamir, Karen Hammerness

School-Based Instructional Rounds

Lee Teitel

Learning from the Experts

Celine Coggins, Heather G. Peske, Kate McGovern

Adolescent Literacy in the Era of the Common Core

Jacy Ippolito, Joshua Fahey Lawrence, Colleen Zaller

Data Wise, Revised and Expanded Edition

Kathryn Parker Boudett, Elizabeth A. City, Richard J. Murnane

Anytime, Anywhere

Rebecca E. Wolfe, Adria Steinberg, Nancy Hoffman

Cage-Busting Leadership

Frederick M. Hess

Instructional Rounds in Education

Elizabeth A. City, Richard F. Elmore, Sarah E. Fiarman, Lee Teitel, Andrew Lachman

Choices and Challenges

Priscilla Wohlstetter, Joanna Smith, Caitlin C. Farrell, Michael W. Kirst

Portraits of Promise

Michael Sadowski, Carola Suárez-Orozco

From Data to Action

Milbrey W. McLaughlin, Rebecca A. London, Thomas W. Payzant

The Futures of School Reform

Jal Mehta, Robert B. Schwartz, Frederick M. Hess

Ready, Willing, and Able

Mandy Savitz-Romer, Suzanne M. Bouffard

A Research Reader in Universal Design for Learning

Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann, Samantha G. Daley, L. Todd Rose, Chris Dede

Making Civics Count

David E. Campbell, Meira Levinson, Frederick M. Hess

Carrots, Sticks, and the Bully Pulpit

Frederick M. Hess, Andrew P Kelly

Character Compass

Scott Seider, Howard Gardner

Instructional Rounds in Action

John E. Roberts, Richard F. Elmore

Education for a Multicultural Society

Kolajo Paul Afolabi, Candice Bocala, Raygine C. DiAquoi, Julia M. Hayden, Irene A. Liefshitz, Soojin Susan Oh

Schooling in the Workplace

Nancy Hoffman, Stanley S. Litow

Customized Schooling

Frederick M. Hess, Bruno V. Manno

I Used To Think…And Now I Think…

Richard F. Elmore

A Cord of Three Strands

Soo Hong, Jean Anyon

What Next?

Mary Cullinane, Frederick M. Hess

Stretching the School Dollar

Frederick M. Hess, Eric Osberg

Humanizing Education

Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Kristy S. Cooper, Sherry S. Deckman, Christina L. Dobbs, Chantal Francois, Thomas Nikundiwe, Carla Shalaby

A Policy Reader in Universal Design for Learning

David T. Gordon, Jenna W. Gravel, Laura A. Schifter, Martha L Minow

Inside Urban Charter Schools

Katherine K. Merseth, Kristy Cooper, John Roberts, Mara Casey Tieken, Jon Valant, Chris Wynne, Paul Reville

Strategy in Action

Rachel E. Curtis, Elizabeth A. City, Beverly L, Hall

When Research Matters

Frederick M. Hess, Lorraine M. McDonnell

The Future of Educational Entrepreneurship

Frederick M. Hess

Resourceful Leadership

Elizabeth A. City, Karen Hawley Miles

Managing School Districts for High Performance

Stacey Childress, Richard F. Elmore, Allen Grossman, Susan Moore Johnson

Instructor's Guide to Managing School Districts for High Performance

Stacey Childress, Richard F. Elmore, Allen Grossman, Susan Moore Johnson

Minding the Gap

Nancy Hoffman, Joel Vargas, Andrea Venezia, Marc S. Miller

Data Wise in Action

Kathryn Parker Boudett, Jennifer L. Steele

A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning

David H Ross, Anne Meyer

Educational Entrepreneurship

Frederick M. Hess

International Education for the Millennium

Benjamin Piper, Sarah Dryden-Peterson, Young-Suk Kim

Online Professional Development for Teachers

Chris Dede

The Universally Designed Classroom

David H. Rose, Anne Meyer, Chuck Hitchcock

With the Best of Intentions

Frederick M. Hess

Urban School Reform

Frederick M. Hess

Double the Numbers

Richard Kazis, Joel Vargas, Nancy Hoffman, Tom Vander Ark

A Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom?

Frederick M. Hess, Andrew J. Rotherham, Katie Walsh

School Reform from the Inside Out

Richard F. Elmore

Woman's "True" Profession

Nancy Hoffman

Acts of Inquiry in Qualitative Research

Bárbara M. Brizuela, Julie Pearson Stewart, Romina G. Carrillo, Jennifer Garvey Berger