Books for ASHA Members

Harvard Education Press (HEP) wants to ensure that ASHA members have the resources they need to support their students and peers. We work to provide unique and extensive contributions to the education world at a time of unprecedented change, challenge, and opportunity.

We are proud to offer all ASHA members 20% off our books. Use code ASHA23 at checkout to receive this discount from now through 7/31/24. A selection of recommended books is below. In addition, you can search our website for all of the titles we offer of which the discount can also be applied.

Racial Opportunity Cost

Terah Venzant Chambers, H. Richard Milner IV

The Behavior Code

Jessica Minahan, Nancy Rappaport

The Behavior Code Companion

Jessica Minahan

Make Me!

Eric Toshalis

Feeling Safe in School

Jonathan Cohen, Dorothy L. Espelage

Trauma-Responsive Schooling

Lyn Mikel Brown, Catharine Biddle, Mark Tappan

Rethinking Recess

Rebecca A. London

Bullying and Cyberbullying, Second Edition

Elizabeth Kandel Englander

Adolescents at School, Third Edition

Michael Sadowski

Transgender Students in Elementary School

Melinda Mangin, Gavin Grimm

The Alliance Way

Tina M. Owen-Moore

Broader, Bolder, Better

Elaine Weiss, Paul Reville

Absent from School

Michael A. Gottfried, Ethan L. Hutt, Elaine Allensworth, Robert Balfanz, Todd Rogers, Johannes Demarzi

Equality or Equity

Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade, H. Richard Milner IV

Justice on Both Sides

Maisha T. Winn, H. Richard Milner IV