Books Published in 2023

In 2023, HEP published numerous thought-provoking titles on a wide variety of subjects. We’ve broken down these books into helpful categories so that you can find the books that are right for you!

Higher Education

Instructional Moves for Powerful Teaching in Higher Education

Jeremy T. Murphy, Meira Levinson, Mary Deane Sorcinelli

Great College Teaching

Corbin Campbell, Jonathan Gyurko

America’s Hidden Economic Engines

Robert B. Schwartz, Rachel Lipson, Harry J. Holzer, Nancy Hoffman

“Whatever It Is, I’m Against It”

Brian Rosenberg

Teaching Methods and Materials/Classroom Development

Growing and Sustaining Student-Centered Science Classrooms

David Stroupe

Teach for Climate Justice

Tom Roderick

Bullying and Cyberbullying, Second Edition

Elizabeth Kandel Englander

Teaching with Literacy Programs

Patricia A. Edwards, Kristen L. White, Laura J. Hopkins, Ann M. Castle

Social Justice Art Education, Second Edition

Marit Dewhurst, Amelia Kraehe, Joni Boyd Acuff

Teaching Toward Rightful Presence in Middle School STEM

Edna Tan, Angela Calabrese Barton, Thomas M. Philip

Teaching Climate Change

Mark Windschitl

Race and Equity

Hope and Healing

John Silvanus Wilson Jr.

The Double Bind in Physics Education

Maria Ong

Restorative Resistance in Higher Education

Richard J. Reddick, Colette Pierce Burnette Ed.D.

School Reform/Policy

How a City Learned to Improve Its Schools

Anthony S. Bryk, Sharon Greenberg, Albert Bertani, Penny Sebring, Steven E. Tozer, Timothy Knowles

The Great School Rethink

Frederick M. Hess

The Middle of Somewhere

Sara L. Hartman, Bob Klein

The Open System

Landon Mascareñaz, Doannie Tran

Educating for Purposeful Life

S. David Brazer, Michael B Matsuda

Democracy and Reform in Public Schools

Saul Rubinstein, Charles Heckscher, John McCarthy


Navigating Social Justice

Martin Scanlan, Michelle Young

Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning

Marjorie E. Wechsler, Steven K. Wojcikiewicz

From Tinkering to Transformation

Meredith I Honig, Lydia R. Rainey

Emotional Intelligence for School Leaders

Janet Patti, Robin Stern

Education Lead(her)ship

Jennie Weiner, Monica C. Higgins, Charol Shakeshaft

Professional Development

Critical Network Literacy

Kira J. Baker-Doyle

Coaching in Communities

Melissa Mosley Wetzel, Erica Holyoke, Kerry H. Alexander, Heather Dunham, Claire Collins