Honoring Black History Month

This Black History Month, we’re featuring books on race and equity that drive important conversations in education, focus on teachers and students of color, and provide strategies that can make schools more equitable places. Through 2/29/24, we’re offering 30% off all of these titles when you use code BKHM24 at checkout!


Radical Brown

Restorative Resistance in Higher Education

Not Paved for Us

Jim Crow's Pink Slip

The Double Bind in Physics Education

Hope and Healing

Making Black Girls Count in Math Education

Equality or Equity

Sister Resisters

Racial Opportunity Cost

Race and Culturally Responsive Inquiry in Education

Teachers of Color

Justice on Both Sides

Black, Brown, Bruised

Unconscious Bias in Schools

Millennial Teachers of Color

Restorative Justice in Education

Culturally Responsive School Leadership

Truth Without Tears

Start Where You Are, But Don't Stay There, Second Edition

A Dream Defaulted

Entry Planning for Equity-Focused Leaders

Teacher Diversity and Student Success

Race, Sports, and Education

Rac(e)ing to Class

Preparing and Sustaining Social Justice Educators

Leading for Equity