Growing and Sustaining Student-Centered Science Classrooms

Growing and Sustaining Student-Centered Science Classrooms

David Stroupe
paper, 176 Pages
Pub. Date: April 2023
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-795-4
Price: $37.00

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A wealth of practical tools and guidance for rooting out injustice and creating science learning spaces in which students feel valued, safe, and eager to engage.

In Growing and Sustaining Student-Centered Science Classrooms, David Stroupe promotes powerful conversation and action around knowledge-building practices in science education. The book takes readers into inspiring classroom communities in which all students are invited and encouraged to engage in the work of science. An illuminating series of real-time classroom scenes demonstrate flexible teaching approaches and instructional pivots that Stroupe calls talk moves and shows how they foster inclusive collaboration and participation to create a more expansive, and better, version of science education. 


I will be using Growing and Sustaining Student-Centered Science Classrooms with my future teachers because of the way Stroupe deftly illustrates important ideas about epistemic justice and equitable learning with the portrayal of student-centered science teaching. The kinds of science classrooms envisioned by this book are not only plausible and achievable, but essential for our collective future. — Doug Larkin, professor of science teacher education, Montclair State University

This book is an essential resource for stakeholders of science education looking to create safer and more equitable school spaces. Readers both well-versed and new to the conversation on epistemic injustice will find compelling testimony and guidance through the reimagining of their classrooms. An illuminating read on the power and responsibility of working with one of education’s richest resources: student voice. — Amanda McSween, science teacher, International Academy

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About the Author

David Stroupe is an associate professor at the University of Utah and was previously the associate director of STEM Teacher Education at the CREATE for STEM Institute and the director of Science and Society at State at Michigan State University. He supports new and experienced teachers to enact ambitious and equitable teaching, and to create powerful classroom communities with students. 

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