Submission Guidelines for Book Proposals

Harvard Education Press publishes innovative, authoritative books covering critical issues in education. Our books influence and inform education practice and administration, explore ongoing debates, and report on important research.

Book proposals submitted to Harvard Education Press will be considered in light of a number of factors: the potential impact of the work on education policy and/or practice; the relevance and originality of its contribution to the field; the body of evidence on which the work is based; the clarity and accessibility of presentation; the project’s “fit” with our publishing list; and the author’s qualifications.

Authors interested in publishing with Harvard Education Press should submit a formal book proposal that includes the following elements:

  • Overview: A statement discussing the purpose of the book, the importance and relevance of the issues it addresses, the audience it is intended to serve, and how it will contribute to current debates in education policy or practice. (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Description of the book: A summary of the contents of the book, the central argument it presents, its scholarly basis, and details about the book’s organization and style. Please include the anticipated length of the manuscript (typically 65,000-70,000 words) and timetable for its completion (typically 6-12 months from date of contract). (2-3 pages)
  • Evidence: A summary of the evidence the book will draw on to make its case (e.g., interviews, research accounts, personal experience, classroom practice, research study, case studies). (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Table of Contents: An outline of the book with a brief paragraph summarizing each chapter (and articulates specific recommendations, strategies, conclusions, etc., where relevant).” If the book is an edited volume, please indicate the authorship of each chapter. The participation of all contributors must be confirmed before the proposal can be considered for publication. (2 pages)
  • Discussion of Competing Works: A brief description of the 3-5 principal books that relate to, or compete with, the proposed project. Please indicate how the proposed book differs from these works and why it makes a distinctive and important contribution to the field of education. (1 page) Readership: Who will want to read this book? Practitioners? Policymakers? Researchers? Why? How will this proposed book help practitioners and/or policymakers do their work in the field? (1 page)
  • Biographical Statement: A resume, CV or brief summary of the principal author’s experience and credentials in the field, including previous publications. If the book is an edited volume, please include a sentence or two identifying each contributor. (1/2 page)
  • Sample Chapters (optional): One complete chapter from the interior of the book. This should be representative of the project as a whole in tone, style, organization, use of evidence and examples, and ancillary materials (tables, charts).

Harvard Education Press is a single-submission press and cannot consider projects that are under consideration at other houses.

Please note that Harvard Education Press is a peer-reviewed press. Proposals accepted for review must be withdrawn from consideration by other presses. Proposals that have received positive reviews must also be approved by the Harvard Education Press editorial board, which includes faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and practitioners affiliated with HGSE.

All proposals should be sent to:

Jessica Fiorillo
Executive Director
Harvard Education Press
8 Story Street, 1st Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138