Why Publish with Harvard Education Press?

Harvard Education Press has published innovative and authoritative books covering critical issues in education for over twenty years. We provide authors with first-rate editorial, marketing, publicity, sales, and production support to ensure that every book we publish receives the attention it deserves. Our unique partnership with authors has delivered extraordinary results. Numerous titles have been honored with prestigious awards, glowing reviews, and have been featured in national publications.

If you publish with HEP, you will be joining us on our important mission to provide the public with groundbreaking research that addresses the issues affecting the education field.

Publishing with HEP

Publishing with HEP is a unique experience. Our small, dedicated staff brings expertise from across the publishing industry to create a highly collaborative working relationship with our authors. We offer a personalized approach, ensuring that authors have a say in the publishing process, from proposal development to cover design to marketing and publicity strategies. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about academic publishing and committed to helping authors succeed.

H. Richard Milner is an HEP author and editor of our Race and Education series. Here, he speaks about working with Harvard Education Press and how he looks forward to what future authors bring to the HEP list.


Our editorial team is the lifeblood of our publishing program, and we take immense pride in their expertise and dedication. Comprising seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the field and appreciation for the written word, our editors are committed to helping authors refine and elevate their ideas, from proposal to final manuscript. Sitting at the nexus of research and practice, our books are academically grounded and intended to make research actionable through accessible and engaging writing. Many of our authors have paid us the compliment of publishing with us again and most have noted that our high-touch editorial experience helped them create better books.

An author’s publishing journey begins with our hands-on editorial approach. Our team works closely with authors to develop book proposals and shape their ideas. After a proposal is strengthened through peer review and presented to our faculty board, the writing begins. Authors can expect to receive detailed feedback during this phase, and many authors find this development to be what sets HEP apart from other publishers. Whether our authors are seasoned publishing veterans or first-time writers, our editorial team provides the guidance and support needed to polish a manuscript to its fullest potential. 

“Having navigated the world of academic publishing for many years, I have to say that working with HEP is a high point in terms of author relations and engagement. I felt supported by my editor through all phases, from conception of the book, to crafting a successful proposal, to incorporating feedback, and ultimately, guidance during the writing stage. HEP’s processes are exceedingly professional and reach on traditional, as well as social media, platforms is impressive. I’ve seen the results of HEP’s promotional strategies firsthand, and feel my book is doing exceptionally well. I look forward to collaborating with HEP on future projects.”

Rich Reddick, author of Restorative Resistance in Higher Education

Marketing, Sales, and Publicity

Our marketing, sales, and publicity team is a dynamic force dedicated to ensuring our books reach the widest audience of education professionals. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving publishing landscape, our team devises tailored marketing strategies to amplify a book’s visibility. Private consultations with our marketing and publicity staff allow HEP authors the opportunity to make the most of their publishing experience.

From social media campaigns and book events to targeted advertising, our marketing, sales, and publicity team offers a curated, individual experience for each author. We have strong relationships with our Harvard community as well as education groups, media outlets, and booksellers which allows us to promote our books across a variety of platforms. By publishing with us, authors can rest assured that their books will not only be expertly crafted but also expertly marketed, a vital aspect of publishing in the competitive education landscape.

HEP titles are marketed through traditional media outlets, all forms of social media, and through digital marketing campaigns driving search optimization. Our titles have won awards including the PROSE Award, the Choice Award, the AESA Critic’s Choice Award, and AERA Outstanding Publication Award. And our authors and titles are regularly featured in major news outlets including the Washington Post, New York Times, and NPR.

“The experience of working with Harvard Education Press has opened our eyes to the possibilities of sharing our work with the world. Since the beginning, they have been our advocates in this experience, helping us understand publishing and how to partner to bring our work forward. We are very grateful to HEP for their tireless work to ensure The Open System is a key part of their book portfolio.”

– Doanie Tran and Landon Mascarenaz, authors of The Open System 


Our production team is responsible for turning our manuscripts into beautifully crafted books. As highly skilled professionals with a meticulous eye for detail, our production team handles every aspect of the book’s physical creation. From formatting and typesetting to cover design and quality control, they ensure that our books are functional and professional. We use onshore production vendors and authors can expect the same level of hands-on communication throughout the production process. 

“My journey with Harvard Education Press has been nothing short of remarkable. From the initial stages of manuscript submission to the final publication of my work, every aspect of the process has been characterized by professionalism, expertise, and genuine support from the entire team. Marketing and sales support from Harvard Education Press was equally impressive. Without hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Press to any colleague or friend in the field of education, academia, or anyone seeking a high-quality publishing experience.”

– Patricia A. Edwards, author of Teaching with Literacy Programs

HEP Authors

HEP author Camika Royal accepting the 2024 Outstanding Book Award for Not Paved for Us.

At HEP we are proud of our publishing tradition and are deeply invested in every title we publish. Our authors are the foundation of everything we do. We hope you will join us, and help us advance our mission of providing practitioners and policy makers with the knowledge, tools, and information they need to understand and address the educational issues facing our society today and tomorrow.

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